‘Ready For The Journey': My Interview with Rob Marshall

o-INTO-THE-WOODS-facebookSince my hiatus from the blog I’ve held two jobs. First, I was the editor of Pop City, a local webzine related to innovation and development in the ‘Burgh. Now, I’m the communications coordinator at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.

If you know me, you know this job at CMU is perfect for me. I was a theater major undergrad at Loyola Chicago before I went to Northwestern for my Master’s in journalism. This gig is easily the best combination of the two degrees and is lots of fun for all sorts of reasons. Not least of which is getting to interview some our illustrious alumni from time to time.

Recently I had a chance to chat with Rob Marshall ahead of the release of his most recent film, Into the Woods. He graduated from the School of Drama in the early 80s and has built an amazing career, directing films including Memoirs of a Geisha and Chicago. Despite being an Academy Award-winner, he was easily one of the kindest celebs I’ve ever interviewed. Yinz can tell he grew up in PGH.

Read the full interview with Marshall here at the CMU homepage.


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You Say You Got A Resolution…


Well…it’s been nearly a year since the last time I made an entry in this space. It’s easy to let an ongoing project like a blog fall by the wayside when you’re a new mom with a new job, which I’ve been for the past year. Those are my excuses but they are no more. The Great Scott Blog is back!

I’m planning on running some of the usual editorial features, but with some noteworthy tweaks. For instance, now that I work full time again, “What I Wore Last Weekend” will likely become more workday/weekday focused. You can also expect new recipes, DIY projects and musings from my crazy brain.

Also, in my silence I’ve been learning a lot about the joys of parenthood. I can’t wait to share some of Matilda’s outfits and some of my thoughts/feelings on motherhood.

If you haven’t already guessed, getting back to the blog is one of my new year’s resolutions. The other is making exercise a priority again. So far I’m doing well on the exercise and now I’m making good here.

Happy 2015!

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Our Top 10 Baby Essentials for the First Two Months

Top 10 Baby Essentials

I can’t believe our little lady is two months old. I know it’s so cliché, but it truly is incredible how fast babies grow. She’s already 3.5″ longer, almost four pounds heavier, and infinitely cuter than when we brought her home in November. We get lots of smiles and coos every day and are generally delighted by her presence in our life.

There are a lot of things that have made living with a newborn a little easier and prettier. This list comprises our absolute favorites.

1. Forget the bulb syringes you get at the hospital, the NoseFrida snot sucker is the boss when it comes to clearing congestion from a little nose.

2. Homedics SoundSpa On-The-Go is great for soothing at home and as the name suggests on the go. I like it because it has a timer that shuts the machine down after 15 minutes.

3. These diapers from Honest.com are the jam. They are biodegradable, chemical free, affordable, and most importantly fantastically absorbent. We love that they are delivered to us every month and that they come in such fun patterns.

4. Coming up with ways to play with a newborn is tough. We really like this rattle because it grabs Matilda’s attention long enough for us to work on her vision and focus and the textured handle is fun for her to hold.

5. All hail the bouncy seat, creator of Tilly’s most comfortable naps.

6. While there are a lot of ways you could jerry-rig a similar set up, this mat is fantastic, mostly because of the froggy pillow that has made tummy-time much more enjoyable for the lady baby.

7. For nighttime warmth and swaddling, we’ve found Halo sleep sacks to be pretty darn easy. They used them at the hospital and we like how there is the option for both a full swaddle as well as just swaddling her trunk. The Miracle Blanket is also awesome.

8. If you want a blanket that is literally made of soft, fluffy clouds, Little Giraffe has what you need. I love wrapping Matilda up in her Luxe blanket because it’s such a cozy snuggle for both of us.

9. I bought a bunch of Jennifer Ann head wraps pretty much right after I found out we were having a girl. They have proven to be a great investment as they are not only adorable, but also comfier and less cumbersome than some of her other hair accessories.

10. Little kicking feet are hard to keep socks on and thus, hard to keep warm. These booties are adorable and have an adjustable snap around the ankle so they can’t be kicked off.

Some other clutch gear we use is the Puj tub, Mustela foam shampoo, the Moby and Ergo baby carriers,and the JJ Cole Bundleme.

Other mamas out there, what other products, gear, etc. can’t you live without? What do I need for the next two months?

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What I Wore Last Weekend: To The National Aviary

What I Wore Last Weekend: To The AviaryThis weekend, Justin, Matilda, our friend Gina, and I went to the National Aviary on the North Side. For those who aren’t familiar, the place is basically a bird zoo. However, we did see a sloth and a few mice.

If you know me, you know that this activity was quite a stretch from my comfort zone, especially the immersive exhibits where birds swooped not far overhead. I definitely kept my hat on the whole time. I enjoy animals, but from a healthy distance. That being said, I’ve decided my motto this year is “Feel the fear and go for it anyway,” and this was an early and pretty easy test of my mettle.

It was pretty cold out so I kept things cozy in terms of apparel. It’s a good thing sweatshirts are in style. I got this one from Old Navy pre-Tater. Also, platform booties. Boo-ya!

Sea Eagle at the National Aviary
This is an actual Sea Eagle. Pretty darn majestic, no? And so statuesque.

We also saw bats and penguins and all sort of other winged species. Can’t say I’ll be back in the near term, but it was a pretty cool trip.


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